We’re looking for: Tester


There are never enough thoroughly done tests, which is why we are looking for someone to fire up our QA department, which helps us to deliver the best code quality possible. If you are also into automated integration testing, would like to experiment with new technologies, and participate in open source projects from time to time, then let’s meet!

What to expect

  • Designing test scenarios according to business requirements
  • Design, development, and maintenance of test scripts
  • Testing new functionalities
  • Documentation of results in JIRA

What you should know

  • Knowledge of manual testing
  • Principles of automated testing
  • Basics of HTML5/CSS3,JavaScript
  • Overview of testing frameworks
  • All other knowledge from our tech-stack is warmly welcomed, but not required! We are open to juniors as well.

Our tech-stack and tooling:

  • Cypress or TestCafe
  • Mocha/Jasmine/Jest
  • Appium/WebdriverIO
  • Wix Detox
  • CI/CD, Docker
  • Git
  • Typescript
  • AWS

What we offer

How do we move forward?

We all have the possibility to invest 10 % of working time to self-study. It’s up to you if you choose one of our internal soft-skills workshops or learning new technology. A small part of the development is devoted to internal products that provide an ideal opportunity to try out new technologies before we start providing them as a service.

What did we learn in the past 6 months thanks to self-study?

  • Wix Detox
  • Bitrise CI/CD

Our perks

  • Ability to participate in new trends in application development
  • Dog-friendly office - take your pet to work
  • Maté, ice lollies and biscuits to replenish energy
  • Regular events (wine tasting, barbecues, football tournament)
  • Game room to relax from work (football, ping pong, Xbox)
  • And the biggest benefit of the already mentioned 10% time to self-study

Who you’ll work with

Jana Kantorová Quality Assurance Engineer

I'm a member of BB's QA team. I'm also a book lover, so if you want any recommendations from the library world, you will find me at the DevTeam department.

    Jana Kantorová

    Our open-source contributions

    Every tool we make to help us work gets released to the open-source community by default. You’re welcome to use any of these, remix them, or just check out the quality of our code.

    More of our projects

    Interested? Shoot us a message