We’re looking for: Recruiter


We’re looking for a skilled recruiter to help us find new talent. If you already have experience with recruiting, want to work full-time, and like to be surrounded by IT technologies, friendly people, and their dogs, then you’re our perfect candidate! You will recruit not only IT boys and girls but also marketing specialists and business developers.

What to expect

  • Active sourcing and recruiting using social networks, databases, and whatever else you find useful
  • Interviewing candidates
  • Onboarding new colleagues
  • Representing Blueberry at job fairs, meetups and conferences
  • Taking care of our career web and job advertisements

What you should know

  • Proven experience in recruiting, sourcing, or headhunting
  • Excellent communication skills and not being afraid of arguing, including in English :)
  • Being goal-oriented and having the ability to work under pressure and within tight deadlines
  • Knowledge about the Czech job market and social networks (StackOverflow, Github, Facebook, Dribbble, …)
  • And if you have an overview of IT technologies, we will pop the champagne!

What we offer

  • Dedicating 10% of your work time to self-study, which is just awesome, right?
  • Regular soft-skill workshops lead by our L&D manager Barča
  • The opportunity to use and improve your English skills with a native speaker, since we want to focus on foreign candidates
  • A laid-back atmosphere with friendly colleagues and adorable dogs to cuddle
  • A fridge full of Ugo and maté, daily fresh fruit and vegetables

There’s more than 100 of us at Blueberry and we keep growing every month, both in terms of people and the furry friends in our pet-friendly office. You will be the gatekeeper of our company culture, which is very precious to us. Our fridge is full of Ugo, maté, and other good stuff—we’re not going to leave you starving. You can increase your daily intake of vitamins with fresh fruit and vegetables. Do you know that we have many more perks here at Blueberry than just that? Find out about all of them here. Do you feel it is something you would love to do? Get in touch!

Who you’ll work with

Kateřina Coops Head of Human Resources

I will be your guide and partner for all things HR. I like to explore the human dimension of, well, everything - from changing consumer habits to the rules of conduct on Tokyo Metro.

Kateřina Coops

Eliška Přichystalová Recruitment Manager

I'll guide you through the recruitment process. I am a passionate traveler who likes connecting people with opportunities, nature and good food.

Eliška Přichystalová

Barbora Blažková Training & Development Manager

I take care of training and development in BB. I'm a huge believer in the holistic approach towards human functioning and work-life effectiveness.

Barbora Blažková

Jan Kříž Talent Sourcer

As a talent sourcer and I am tasked with finding potential new colleagues. If you apply to any of our positions, I will be your contact. I am into psychology, art, and foreign cultures—in short, I am the most pretentious poser in Blueberry!

Jan Kříž

Kamila Szabóová Talent Sourcer

I'm the main administrative support of our HR team. Funny girl, animals lover, student of CTU but mainly a GoT freak! #housetargaryen

Kamila Szabóová

Projects we’ve worked on

We approach the client as a partner and provide a full service. From strategy, PPC and SEO through to online reputation management. Rigid processes are no fun for us, though, which is why we're not afraid to cross boundaries and experiment with each project so that both we and our clients continually move forward. We can create a love brand out of a project that certainly doesn't look like one at first glance. And that's what we enjoy.

More of our projects

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