We’re looking for: React Native developer


We are looking for an experienced React Native developer, who enjoys not only programming itself, but everything related to it. So if you consider yourself a React Native fan, who is interested in self-growth, has a never-ending passion to learn the new things, and a healthy team spirit, come and join Blueberry’s world!

What to expect

  • Chance to conduct your own research and we’d be happy if you come up with something new you’d like to try out
  • Opportunity to follow the news from the React world and you must be eager to learn new things
  • It would be good to have experience developing JavaScript applications
  • Utilizing your experience with mobile app development
  • If you’re not a React expert, though, we’ll happily train you up

What we offer

  • Chance to attend conferences or borrow literature from our massive library
  • Enthusiasm for React, React Native and native mobile development
  • We aren’t afraid to experiment with new possibilities on our internal projects either
  • You can invest 10 % of your working time to self-study—which is just awesome, right?
  • Laid-back environment with a bunch of passionate people
  • You will have the opportunity to organize various meetups, if that is what your heart beats for

Our DevTeam consists of more than 70 experienced developers, and there’s more than 100 of us at Blueberry. We keep growing every month, both with people and furry friends in our pet-friendly office. Do you know that we have a lot more perks here at Blueberry than just that? Find them all out here.

Who you’ll work with

Ondřej Bartas Solution Architect

I am the creator of PPC Bee. I also code in Ruby, Javascript and Elixir. If you need anything to do with databases, I'm your guy. I live outside of Prague in house with a garden and have a child named Oliver.

Ondřej Bartas

Tomáš Vaisar Software Developer

I'm a former Ruby on Rails developer, currently exploring realms of JavaScript world and poking around mobile apps. Otherwise, I play guitar, Kerbal Space Program and love electric cars :)

Tomáš Vaisar

Our open-source contributions

Every tool we make to help us work gets released to the open-source community by default. You’re welcome to use any of these, remix them, or just check out the quality of our code.

More of our projects

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