We’re looking for: Fullstack JS developer


Are you all about that JS? Good, because we are too! If continuous learning and development is equally important to you, then let’s do what we love together and help each other make thriving digital worlds.

What to expect

Our tech stack and tooling

We choose the appropriate tech stack for a given project, but usually we work with:

  • React.js & React Native
  • Node.js
  • TypeScript
  • GraphQL (Apollo, AppSync), REST API
  • AWS, Firebase
  • TestCafé, Jest, Detox - máme vlastí QA
  • JIRA, Github, CircleCI

What you should know

  • Knowledge of JavaScript ES6
  • Experience with React, Vue or Angular (React is an advantage)
  • Knowledge of Node.js and its frameworks (ideally Express)
  • Experience with SQL and NoSQL databases
  • REST API, GraphQL
  • Basic principals of testing (unit, integration, end-to-end)
  • Interest in new technologies and a mindset to grow
  • If you know anything about architecture, DevOps or QA, great!

What we offer

  • The ability to invest 10% of your working time to self-study, including our inhouse soft-skill workshops
  • An opportunity to experiment with new technologies on our internal projects
  • A chance to learn Reason or Elixir—practice pair programming, attend meetups, or borrow literature from our massive library
  • Be an organizer of your own meetups, if that is what your heart desires
  • Multisport card to keep in shape!

Our DevTeam consists of coders, developers, DevOps engineers and QA engineers. We have clients from various business fields and countries, so every project is different. We keep growing every month, both with people and furry friends in our pet-friendly office. Our fridge is full of organic fresh juices, cold caffeinated beverages, and other good stuff—we’re not going to leave you thirsty. You can increase your daily intake of vitamins with fresh fruit and vegetables. Do you know that we have many more perks here at Blueberry than just that? Find out about all of them here. Sounds good? Get in touch with us!

Who you’ll work with

Our open-source contributions

Every tool we make to help us work gets released to the open-source community by default. You’re welcome to use any of these, remix them, or just check out the quality of our code.

More of our projects

Interested? Shoot us a message