We’re looking for: CSS/HTML coder


If you enjoy not only coding but also continuous learning and development, then we might have something that’ll make you look forward to work every day!

What to expect

  • Implementation of user interface based on a proposal from a UX/UI designer
  • Creating user interfaces for different types of browsers and implementation of the dynamic part of the applications in JavaScript
  • Attempting to estimate the complexity and development time of new UI projects
  • Communication—especially with product owners and UX/UI designers

What you should know

  • Ideally HTML5/CSS3
  • Technologies such as Sass, Less
  • CSS-in-JS (emotion, styled-components, Radium)
  • JavaScript basics
  • CMS (i.e. Wordpress)

What we offer

  • The possibility to invest 10 % of your working time to self-study—which is just awesome, right?
  • Experimenting with new technologies on our internal projects
  • Room to deepen your knowledge in React Native, JavaScript or anything else of interest, pair programming
  • The opportunity to attend meetups or borrow literature from our massive library
  • Regular events (BBQ, foosball tournament, parties)

Our DevTeam consists of coders, programmers, developers, and QA engineers. We have clients from various business fields and countries, so every project is different. We keep growing every month, both with people and furry friends in our pet-friendly office. Our fridge is full of organic fresh juices, cold caffeinated beverages, and other good stuff—we’re not going to leave you thirsty. You can increase your daily intake of vitamins with fresh fruit and vegetables. Do you know that we have many more perks here at Blueberry than just that? Find out about all of them here. Sounds good? Get in touch with us!

Who you’ll work with

Marek Bendík Head of Delivery

I remember Blueberry when there were 5 enthusiastic boys passionate about technology. I started as a ruby developer and I’m the Head of Delivery currently. I like dogs, love my wife and recently spending time in a gym.

Marek Bendík

Jakub Chrtek Front-end Developer

Front-end developer with a wide range of experience.

    Jakub Chrtek

    Ladislav Škvarka CSS/HTML Developer

    I'm an awesome, handsome Slovak coder, kind of front-end developer.

    Ladislav Škvarka

    Matěj Koutský Lead Graphic Designer

    With every new project, I show that I'm is constantly moving forward and continually drawing on experience. When I'm not working, I'm fishing or repairing my Velorex.

    Matěj Koutský

    Our open-source contributions

    Every tool we make to help us work gets released to the open-source community by default. You’re welcome to use any of these, remix them, or just check out the quality of our code.

    More of our projects

    Interested? Shoot us a message