We’re looking for: Audiovisual wizard


We are looking for an enthusiast with creative blood and hunger for production. Someone who knows how to use films techniques, and has experience with post-production and cutting without scissors. Our main goal is to advance in these skills as a team and become masters in creating audiovisual content. And that is why we need someone like you! If you are also flexible and unafraid of speaking English every day, then we are looking for you!

What to expect

Before we let you into the world of client projects, you have to become rooted in our culture. This means you’ll be involved in creating visual content (photos and videos) for Blueberry for a while. Later your work will be divided 50% to client work and 50% for Blueberry work. Your tasks will be not only to direct production of video and photo material, but also be involved in the co-creation of novel content strategies, creative ideas, and final forms of content—basically everything that can help us to move our portfolio and client services further. You will be in touch with the entire marketing team, and together we will create breathtaking videos and photos.

What we offer

There are already more than 100 of us at Blueberry, and we keep growing every month. If everything goes well, you will become a member of our digital marketing team and work closely with Karel, Pavla, and Štěpán, contributing to the progress of the clients’ projects. We offer you the space for professional and personal growth as well as the opportunity to build an atelier with all the equipment you need. It’s now a blank slate for us, and you will be the one to start a new chapter in Blueberry. You will work not just for us, but also with us. Working in the Blueberry Marketing team is not only a great challenge, but fun at the same time. So, are you in?

Who you’ll work with

Karel Pařízek Head of Marketing

I'm responsible for marketing department a it's an honor for me to lead this group. On the top of that I'm Google Partner Trainer for NGOs and I provide training about digital marketing for NGOs.

Karel Pařízek

Štěpán Osoha Project Manager

Project manager at heart.

Štěpán Osoha

Pavla Umlaufová PR and Brand Manager

I am a PR and Brand manager who spreads the word about Blueberry outside of our world.

Pavla Umlaufová

Projects we’ve worked on

We approach the client as a partner and provide a full service. From strategy, PPC and SEO through to online reputation management. Rigid processes are no fun for us, though, which is why we're not afraid to cross boundaries and experiment with each project so that both we and our clients continually move forward. We can create a love brand out of a project that certainly doesn't look like one at first glance. And that's what we enjoy.

More of our projects

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