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Get to know our culture & benefits

We create thriving digital worlds together. And together is the important word here. For us, being a great team, even a group of friends, is of the highest importance. Working on our projects, no matter how big or small, is about cooperation in the first place. Whether we develop apps, build websites or run online marketing campaigns, we want to make sure everyone is in the perfect place to do their best.

Because we rate our people so highly, we don't just put a lot of effort in to making them feel valued. We offer freedom, flexibility, and the opportunity to self-educate, too.

Become your best self. Become Blueberry.

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What defines us

We are friendly

Work? That’s pretty important. But we care about people in the first place. We are a group of friends with a common drive, a common goal. Together, we do what we enjoy. We create thriving digital worlds.

We help each other grow

Don‘t get stuck in a box. Want to try a new coding language, look into a different field or lead your own team? Learn from your experienced colleagues or attend a training course. We want to help you grow.

We work as a team

Pushing people around? Not here. Not us. Our hierarchy is simple. We are a team and we all pull together. The leaders help solve issues and smooth out bumps in the road. The key is discussion and cooperation.

We enjoy our place

Looks aren't everything. The office is our second home. We want to be comfortable. Functional. Open space for cooperation. Standing desks for those who like to think on their feet. And this is just the start.

The perks of working here

You’ll have time for education

Want to get better? Have a burning desire for knowledge and education? At Blueberry, we’ll give you the chance. Everyone can devote 10–20 % of their work to self-education!

You’ll get to work from home, if convenient

Whether it’s a sick child, a sick pet or just the need to work alone for a day, home office can be a lifesaver. We’re a digital company, so working remotely couldn't be easier.

You’ll have flexible hours

Working and studying? Or just love to sleep in a bit? Not a problem for us! You can adjust your working hours so you will work when you’re the most productive.

You’ll get a MacBook

When you’re with us for a few months, we’ll have a shiny new MacBook for you, if you need it. We want you to work with the best possible tools for the job at hand.

You’ll get to share knowledge

We continually develop internal knowledge, and happily share it with the public. Meetups and internal workshops are great opportunities to get better and help others.

You’ll be part of a great team

Work is not everything. We cherish our friendship among colleagues. After work, we go for drinks, have an action-packed paintball games, or even go for a vacation in Italy.

You’ll get to bring a pet

Will having your pet around make you feel more at home with us? We welcome our furry co workers here at Blueberry, whether they are cats, dogs or whatever else.

You’ll have a chance to get fit

With a fully paid Multisport card and other available sports, like yoga sessions or beach volleyball you’ll have the opportunity to stay in shape. Keeping a healthy body and healthy mind will be easier than it ever was.

You’ll work in a great place

Which company offers a ping-pong table, foosball and comfortable couches and pillows? Us. We also have quiet boxes and Skype boxes for when you need somewhere calm.

You’ll help good causes

We will send the equivalent of 1% of your salary (on top of what you get) to a charity or a non-profit that you get to pick. Helping others makes a difference and makes you feel better.

You’ll live a sweeter life

When you get the munchies, we have a cure for your sweet tooth. Our charming snack area offers a variety of sweet snack for just five crowns. That’s how sweet we are!

You'll be vitamin protected

While you may not find actual blueberries here, we always keep a supply of fresh vitamins at hand. Remember, it’s all about being happy, healthy and satisfied when you work.

and much, much more…

The place where the magic happens

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Sharing our own experiences with digital worlds


Blueberry consists of a really interesting group of people that always have something to say and share further. That’s why we created BlueberryMeetUp—a series of talks where we share our own experiences from digital worlds and open up topics which we live by to people not at Blueberry.

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Want a closer look at Blueberry?

Give us a shout and stop by for a cup of coffee. Nothing is better than meeting face-to-face. Let us know, even if the job you would excel at isn’t listed here.