Our world keeps getting bigger

About Blueberry

It started as a dream of two young students who wanted to make their passion into a job. Then, into a business. They turned it into Blueberry. From hosting management, building websites and creating software, we moved on to the exciting world of digital marketing and mobile apps. And we keep on growing. After any idea, any goal, there‘s another. A bigger one. A better one.

And somewhere along the way, we became more than just a company. More than just a place of work. We became a team. A community. Maybe even a family.

We create thriving digital worlds. Together.

Wall of fame

What matters to us

Getting better

As a company, we’re continually growing and taking on more challenging projects. And as individuals, we keep on learning and improving ourselves.

Building trust

Through all this, we never lose sight of our values. We care about trust and enduring relations, about quality and customer relations. For us, doing things properly is essential.

Being agile

We strive to be agile and flexible. Using modern methods like Scrum, we’re able to react quicker and be more effective while keeping a relaxed working environment.

We care about others

It’s more than just a business. We want to make world a better place. To do it, we choose the most eco-friendly methods and technologies possible - from our offices to the choice of material, we try to reduce energy consumption and waste. And last but not the least, we are picky choosing who we work for. We only accept ethical, responsible companies as our clients. We only want to work for those who share our values.

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We are proud to work with these clients

  • E.ON
  • Cemex
  • Metrostav
  • Oracle
  • Allianz
  • Tayllorcox

Want a closer look at Blueberry?

Give us a shout and stop by for a cup of coffee. Nothing is better than meeting face-to-face. Let us know, even if the job you would excel at isn’t listed here.