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In a former factory in Smíchov, we manufacture digital wonders. We don‘t see ourselves as workers—more like a group of friends creating great stuff together. Everyone's doing their own thing—some are building websites, others developing apps and the rest are just cruising the world of online marketing. Though none of them would be able to exist without the support of everyone in the back office.

Become one of us. Become Blueberry.

Calm office mood

As a Blueberry member, you’ll gain:

  • New friends (and their pets)!
  • Clients that will inspire you.
  • A job that you’ll want to wake up for.
  • A chance to rocket your already great skills into a new dimension.

Want a closer look at Blueberry?

Give us a shout and stop by for a cup of coffee. Nothing is better than meeting face-to-face. Let us know, even if the job you would excel at isn’t listed here.